our story

Our story started in 2013 when our CEO , Abdel Rahman Saber, realized that there is in the real estate market, namely commercial real estate, that needs to be fulfilled. Mr. Saber started to  investigate the market needs, create a strong network and develop a huge database to assist all the commercial real estate clientele. A few years later, EGYMAP started to evolve and thrive within the industry through developing expertise in property management, leasing, and brokerage Proudly, EGYMAP has become the largest real estate company solely practicing commercial real estate in Egypt.

Our name and a are built on the trust we have gained from our clients over the years

Abdelrahman Saber

We look forward to the opportunity to making your time well spent by serving your real estate needs and providing a higher level of service and a better result than you have experienced in the past from others. The future is bright and full of opportunities in Egypt and your business success is of the highest importance to me and our firm. When we help you grow your business aided by the best real estate decisions, your success becomes part of our success as we enjoy watching your businesses thrive and are enabled to continue to serve your future real estate needs.

Egymap Commercial Real Estate is the right choice. We can achieve the highest degree of confidentiality throughout the leasing or sales process that would prove difficult, if not impossible, at larger firms.

A cornerstone value of our company summed up in one word is fortitude. We pride ourselves in the dedication and loyalty we provide our clients in serving their needs faithfully no matter how challenging the requirement. You will appreciate our consistency, professionalism and the great results we deliver.


We are a team that consists of 20 dedicated experts who have the exact knowledge and expertise of what your business needs are We are capable of meeting them by finding the right property for you or giving you the optimum consultation.

Our team has proudly handled high-end clients in different industries such as the F&B industry, pharmaceutical industry, retail industry, fashion industry, and much more.

In a nutshell, our ultimate goal in EGYMAP is to connect the prospective buyer or tenant with the right property to ensure the business growth and success.